Friday, January 22, 2016

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is occurring because money can't be traced. Sex trafficking always occurs with individuals in poverty. And it always occurs with large transactions of money. Sex work is a huge industry. If money was made universally available so to eliminate poverty, and if money was traced electronically where no money can be spent without electronic approval, then the incentive and ability to sex traffick would end. Fixing our broken money system will end Sex trafficking. It will also end other societal problems connected to poverty, that are similarly abusive as well.

Paradise lost: Sex trafficking in Hawaii

Contrary to its idyllic image, Hawaii is a hub for the sex trafficking of girls and women. 


Honolulu, Hawaii - "It doesn't seem like there's any action today," Tammy Bitanga says, pointing out all the possible prostitutes in Honolulu's Chinatown.

For the uninitiated, she breaks the city down into two zones. The area around Waikiki beach, lined with posh hotels and boutiques, is, she says, for "high-class street walkers".

"This area - drug addicts, low-class streetwalkers," she adds.
This is not your typical Hawaiian holiday tour. Those tend to involve snorkelling adventures or biking down sooty volcanoes. But hidden behind the pristine image of this Pacific paradise is a thriving sex tourism industry.
The streets are mostly empty in the mornings, but today there is some activity in a park - a fair or festival of sorts has drawn a meagre crowd. Then she points. "This girl might be. Right here."
A female, possibly in her teens, is standing on a corner. She had been doing the same thing a few blocks earlier. She is standing alone, checking her phone. Bitanga says she appears too "dirty" to be a trafficked child prostitute.